Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogs vs. Articles

I love this post! It's posts like this one that I swear and Jeremy Miller are my long lost brothers. Week after week, those two get down in writing what I've been thinking about for quite some time, but until recently, didn't even bother to have a blog to write in myself.

Overall, Nielsen is simply incorrect, much as O'Brien points out. Roughly 10 years ago, as a new college grad, I spent some time in the publishing world as a Technical Editor on a number of articles and two books. I did it, because I thought wow, there could be my name in print. But just doing those few jobs, not even being the author, I quickly came to realize all of the same things Larry points out in his post, so I stopped pursuing the publishing world any further.

Since then, second to a few choice books most folks are aware of, blogs have become the primary source of learning on my end. The amount of posts that I queue up daily in Google Reader as Starred Posts and then read while commuting to work, in elevators, at lunch, in waiting rooms, in conference rooms, etc on my WM5 Smartphone makes keeping up with this stuff seamless. Toting around magazines, print-outs, and/or books just isn't practical these days.

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