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Using Multiple iPods on a Single Windows Computer

So I got a new laptop a week ago, and in the process was determined to figure out a better way to sync both my girlfriend Anne's 4GB iPod Nano and my 60GB iPod Photo using the single laptop.

With the last laptop, I created an additional user account to be used just for managing the iTunes library for my iPod. Anytime I needed to sync my iPod, I logged off my "primary" user account and then back in with a "secondary" user account used just for managing my iTunes library. I was convinced that there had to be a better way, but simply hadn't spent the time trying to find it. With the new laptop in hand, I was determined to find out what the answer was.

After Google'n for an answer, I found a number of solutions similar to the following ones:…

It was bound to eventually happen...

...that I would start a blog.

Anyway, I've spent better than the past 5 years now reading other people's blogs, and steering clear of starting my own. I still don't think I have the time to offer a lot of content, but hopefully what I do post will be more useful than this obligatory intro. The only real reason I decided to start this was to give myself somewhere to post write-ups on random topics that I couldn't find an answer to via Google. Hopefully posting those write-ups here will save someone else some time some day.

In the mean time, you can keep yourself busy reading my Google Reader Shared Posts.