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Automatic Updating of AssemblyFileVersion in C# Projects

So my good buddy and co-worker Stacy Draper and I put together a solution today to handle versioning of .NET assemblies used for SharePoint web part development. Maybe this has been done before, maybe even better than this, but a quick Google search didn't turn up squat for us, or at least anything we liked, so we created our own solution.

The general problem revolves around the fact that the AssemblyVersion attribute in .NET assemblies is used by other assemblies when referencing strong named/signed assemblies stored in the GAC. Now you don't have to put your SharePoint assemblies in the GAC, but in most all cases, it simply makes the most sense. If you change the AssemblyVersion of an already installed and used over and over and over again web part, you're in a world of hurt if you arbitrarily change the AssemblyVersion to something new. At that point, you're faced with having to update 10's to 100's to 1000's of web part pages that reference the origi…

Missing MOSS 2007 Functionality

So having been using MOSS 2007 for the past 3 months now, I figured I'd put my own stake in the ground as to some things that would be quite handy to be built into the product. Yes, there are probably ways to do some custom webparts to handle some of these, but IMHO, these are pieces of functionality that should be part of the base product. Hopefully they make it into the next version...
List View SecurityThis follows some of the same logic behind the use of a database VIEW. An administrator should be able to create a SharePoint list view with a row-level filter and then secure the list of views to the appropriate folks (to the point of hiding views a user doesn't have access to use).
This would allow various business scenarios to be simply handled via view security. For instance
hiding items based on the state/status code of an item to augment workflows
storing heterogeneous content types, but securing which are visible to whom
List Item Column SecurityThis is very similar to …