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Developing Temporal/Time-Based Database Solutions

Since I've already gotten a couple of requests for this information, I guess it's time for another blog post.

The following is based on my research on the subject, after having developed a temporal/append-only solution a couple of years ago (before knowing what it was called by academics). Considering that Professor Richard Snodgrass of the University of Arizona is THE person that I've come across that has written the most on the subject, you should check out his list of publications on the subject here first:

The key one from what I've read so far is "Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in SQL". Most, including this one, are available as electronic downloads.

I've also noticed that Joe Celko ( has written on the topic in his book titled "Joe Celko's Thinking In Sets - Auxiliary, Temporal, and Virtual Tables in SQL".

Now that I've apparently go…